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Meet Kenyon

Kenyon Blunt is an expert in growing small and medium-sized businesses. He likes to say that he has walked in the shoes of the business owner; he has founded and grown several companies in his career. Kenyon works with business owners and entrepreneurs to "jump-start" growth and he knows how tough this can be especially with companies who have hit a bump in the road.

In his last company, Kenyon led the turnaround of a struggling marketing services company. It was this experience and many before that showed him how businesses grow with five core competencies; talent, strategy, execution, cash and marketing/sales.

Assessment TOOL

Evaluate the 5 key competencies for growing a business. This assessment will let you pinpoint areas that you can concentrate on to energize growth in your firm. When a company is strong in all 5 areas, it will grow and prosper.

Upon completion, you will be emailed your customized report within one week. There are 3 components to the Jump-Start Assessment: 1) a numerical rating on each of the five competencies, 2) five recommended strategies that you can use right away and 3) a list of resources that correlates with your responses such as suggested books, articles, blogs, etc.

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"I have been a part of many strategic planning sessions in my 37-year career, and i can say that Kenyon, the A-Player Group, and his Gazelles methodology is the best one that I have experienced." - Richard Carrington, President, American Southwest Mortgage Corporation